Saturday, April 12, 2003

Chaos In Iraq...Are We Losing Victory?

Saddam Hussein was a weakling. His military had no chance against our vastly superior training, firepower, intelligence and technology. We knew this before the action started, and we've confirmed it. His removal is a welcome blow to tyranny and fascism. The other leaders of the Arab world will now have to stand up and take notice. Allow men and women to live free, or face the fury of the most powerful military force in the history of the world.

Only how strong is our moral case? Do our means reflect our ends? Take the state of affairs in Iraq. How could it not have been in the war plan to keep order and a sense of decency in Iraq after Saddam fell? I don't understand this short-sightedness. The chaos on the streets of Iraq is inexcusable. People are being robbed and killed, women are being raped, and the cultural artifacts and legal documents of Iraq being destroyed.

This is beyond untidiness. The name, word and integrity of America need to be upheld.