Wednesday, April 16, 2003

MTV The Latest To Refuse AdBusters' TV Turnoff Week Ad

Scheduled for April 21-27. One can only wonder why, but Ad Busters isn't happy...

MTV is now the latest station to reject our anti-TV message - and dump free speech in the name of keeping those corporate ad dollars coming.

They saw our simple, quarter-minute clip asking viewers to give their TV a rest and said no. Now it's your turn to call MTV and let them know you want to keep the airwaves free for all: call 1-212-258-8000.

Meanwhile, CNN has agreed to take our cash. Yes, we still need at least $5,000 to get two 15-second spots onto the air. Whatever you give will bring TV Turnoff that much closer to a nationwide buzz.

Here's one guy who's guessing that MTV figures their audience might actually be impressionable enough to do it.