Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Tuesday Morning Shakedown

Well, it's going to be very busy today. With that in mind, I'm going to throw out some redirects and shout outs, and leave the good work to others. Before I do though, I want to spotlight the Commonweal Institute.
The Commonweal Institute is a communication, education, and research organization committed to advancing centrist-progressive principles - commitment to future generations, a balance between business and society as a whole, environmental protection, inclusiveness and fairness, separation of church and state, personal choice and privacy, and a comprehensive and nuanced approach to national security - through development and dissemination of information and policy proposals.

Remember, it's the conservate cabal, as a Iike to call them, which has aggressively transformed media that has radicalized and marginalized a good portion of society. Supporting enlightened efforts at reversing this trend are in all of our best interests. I highly recommend you go check them out.

Okay, now to the redirects. I've been keeping a close eye on things, and these have my attention the past day or so. First, The Watch has been posting close to my heart, with an emphasis on compassion and out-of-the-box, nonviolent understanding, especially with this piece by Mary on George Lakoff and metaphors. I'll have more to post on this later, as I'm building an appreciation and criticism of Lakoff's metaphors and politics theme, but that's for another time. There's tons more great stuff on that site, you should definitely keep scrolling up after following the link.

Second, Dave Johnson, a fellow over at the Commonweal Institute, has been steadily blogging topics of great interest, especially this fascinating one on electronic voting systems over at Seeing The Forest, and how they are or could evolve given some enlightened support from people and government.

Also of interest: Bohemian Mama has a plethora of information regarding the arrest of Mike Hawash and Patriot Act workings, Meme Cauldron has your trusty WMD Scoreboard, and I hear hopefully the top terrorist RPI ratings coming out soon, TBogg on a despairing Krugman and emergence of a suddenly more compassionate Bush, and don't forget about We Want The Airwaves, as we can't drop the ball on monitoring media and winning the struggle for diversified media ownership.

Okay, that's all. I'll be back tonight with some follow up developments on the themes of the past several days. In the meantime, keep an eye on the redesigned