Tuesday, April 15, 2003

The US Media and Global Respect

Stephan Richter over at The Globalist wonders how long, in the age of "embedded" reporters, the American media will retain its global respect?

"U.S. media organizations are simply larger and better financed than those from nearly all other countries. But that material superiority does not translate into more meaningful — or better — journalism.

Too many U.S. media endeavor to achieve little more than to ratify the consensus.

All it really adds up to is more channels and other media outlets that need to be filled with more material.

Witness the near-identical coverage of the war on numerous U.S. cable news channels, as well as on the major networks. The pressures of filling more hours can become oppressive — and result in journalism losing its teeth."

Media reform. Now.


Also in Welcome To A Fractured World, Gary Hufbauer ponders, "Without a security alliance as its rudder, can the world economic order be kept on course?"

Let's hope so. I know our president does.