Saturday, April 19, 2003

Responsive Democracy Is Not A Pipe Dream

For your perusal...1) Electoral College, 2) Former Bush Advisor On Proportional Representation (Prop Rep), 3) Women and Full Representation, 4) Cynthia Mckinney On Prop Rep, 5) FAQ On Prop Rep, 6) The Case For Prop Rep, 7) Election Post-Mortem, 8) Is Nader Right?, 9) Why Nader Not To Blame (Alternet), 10) Only Gore Costs Gore Election (Analysis Before Election), and finally some fascinating analysis by Paul H. Ray called The New Political Compass.

I am not a Green. Strictly independent. However, I advocate more responsive government, more responsible government, electoral reform, lifetime political registration, same-day registration, making Election Day a national holiday...whatever it takes! Politics in America sucks right now people, and you know it. The cult of personality and corporate platform and media takeover have gone far enough. America is about freedom and democracy first, before any other consideration. Unfortunately, issues get shunted aside to woo the key swing vote and otherwise all you hear is two parties campaigning on their hatred of each other. On how evil each are and a threat and danger to America. Enough's tawdry. You hear the same trash from both sides. We look worse and worse every year, and it's got to stop. Am I the only one who's fed up? Anybody else ready to bust out a raincheck from 2004 and cash in some long overdue "promise of change" IOU's?