Wednesday, April 16, 2003

With Random Acts Of Guerrilla Nakedness

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer profiles the Body Freedom Cooperative and their tactics of "guerilla pranksterism".

Recently, co-founder Mark Storey and two unidentified members of this revolutionary group—whose goal is “to bring clothing-free opportunities on public lands closer to the people of the cities”— went skinny-dipping at the King County park system’s H.Q. Since then, the organization has plotted other scenarios in which they will literally be “caught with their pants down” in order to promote greater public access to nudity. Possible future events include: “a ‘mass nude photo shoot’ at Washington Arboretum,” naked citizens “cleaning up graffiti” on the street, and a “trilogy of [Fringe Festival] plays” highlighting not only the nudist experience, but also “nude ushers and ticket takers, too.”

From Utne Online.