Friday, April 04, 2003

God Bless John Kerry...

...for standing up for American freedom. John Kerry is a man of the utmost integrity, a patriot and veteran, and has worked tirelessly on discovering the status of fellow American soldiers left behind in Vietnam.

In unison with Mr. Kerry, I say shame on those who seek to impugn an obvious and true patriot's integrity, stifle dissent, and scandalize freedom. The intimidation and hypocrisy need to stop.

Back off.


Even back as far as 1971, John Kerry was standing up for his fellow Americans in battle.


I will have much more to say on this matter this weekend. The current ugly mood and accusations in regard to lack of patriotism, and in voicing opposition to war, are beginning to divide this country. Shall we divide not only the world but ourselves? 100 years ago William James took a similar stand against U.S. military aggression, fear-mongering, and loyalty-questioning. Unfortunately, James was only a philosopher with a limited media platform, and one of a minority of voices speaking out against the war. After hearing John Kerry today, I believe he can defeat the dividers of America, and invite all Americans to enjoy freedom as well as security, independence and allegiance. I am a member of no party, but today John Kerry has my support.