Monday, March 31, 2003

AC/DC Arnett...Big, Big Ones

I've revised my original stance on Peter Arnett...though I still object to whom and how he said what he said rather than what he actually said.

Arnett has cajones, but what was he thinking? The only explanation is that he is so opposed to the war, and the continuing civilian casualties and destruction of Baghdad, that he figured by saying this on Iraqi TV the Iraqis might not give up, and we might reconsider our approach. I can't imagine it's just a matter of free speech to him.

As an American citizen, which I think he is, he's playing it pretty "fast and loose". Clearly he's not responsible for those guys being in harm's way, though he's certainly not helping, but he sure puts himself in harm's way if his stratagem doesn't work out. Ouch. Bush is probably not going to calm down anytime soon, so the effectiveness of this strategy has to be questioned as well.

Why? More Americans will die if Iraqis fight back harder. Our friends and family.

Mr. Arnett, there are better ways to oppose this war. Unless you passionately believe this war to be a clear and present danger to America and the world, in terms of escalation and armageddon, or to result in the death of freedom, and for these reasons justified these extraordinary measures of putting our loved ones and fellow citizens at the risk of greater danger, by in effect reinforcing the Iraqi resistance and morale, this address to the Iraqi people hits new heights of bad judgement, and effectively guts to the mainstream your controversial piece from the past. Too bad.

And if you do think the world is going to hell in hand basket, I still consider you foolish, and dubious in your strategy. Many of us feel the same way that you do, but since when are you a newsmaker, rather than reporter, and why are you taking your dissent to the Iraqi people? An interesting experiment in freedom perhaps, and if that's the case stand up and defend it.

Instead, and to your credit, you apologized. Luckily, cooler heads will prevail, you won't be thrown to the hammerheads, and those ultimately responsible will have to make their decisions and be held accountable. Not you, though you really put yourself in the firing line. I'm very surprised that you thought a difference this would make. Baghdad is going down, whether anyone likes it or not, and you just gave Fox News that much more ammo to get away with jingoism and propaganda rather than news and clear-eyed journalism. You should have seen the sharks thrashing in your blood last night!

Thanks, but no thanks. You deserved to be fired, and if I were you I'd find a beach in New Zealand and chill for awhile.

And wish the best for our fellow Americans in battle.


Fox News is the real menace to American values and freedom...I'm horrified at their coverage. These people are truly haters, and should be chopped down at the ankles...instead, they did it to Arnett. NBC had to fire Arnett for business reasons.

And it is dreadfully ironic and just plain too bad that the truth can't be told to those who are being liberated. Unfortunately, it's a war, our guys are down there, and talk of liberation is more for us right now and for them in the long-term (for selling the war) then it is about conditions on the ground. We are killing machines over there, with very little distinction, appreciation or even possible discernment of who the enemy is, and you will discover this with a nuanced perusal of the available war reporting.