Monday, March 24, 2003

More Public Manipulation Of Available Information...

From the Washington Post: "The White House has for months refused to provide a price tag for war in Iraq, saying too many variables were at play...ensuring that lawmakers' discussion of war spending will take place amid a surge of public support for American troops. That stance forced Congress to vote last week on budget resolutions that included Bush's proposed tax cuts, without war costs factored in."

Not to mention resulting in slashed veterans' benefits. How telling. The price tag, incidentally, will be only $70 or $80 billion or so, not including reconstruction and post-war administration costs, as well as humanitarian costs, which taxpayers also are ultimately responsible for since we are resisting UN post-war involvement. Is there any better frame to work with for our position against cynicism and secrecy, and for the freedom of information, informed consent, and governmental oversight on this web forum than this?