Friday, March 21, 2003

We're winning the war against war!

The effort to protest the war has not been lost. Protesting the war isn't really about the actual war itself, but about right and wrong, moral acts versus immoral acts. The anti-war voice was heard, and was successful to some extent, in airing the grievances of moral actors against what they perceived as self-righteous aggression. Was there any doubt the war would happen? None for me. Was there any doubt that we would roll over Iraq like Mike Tyson over wannabe tough Fox News talk-show draft-dodging mouthpieces for official truth? Hell no. That's like arguing whether the neo-conservative really asks "What Would Jesus Do".

People should be proud. Right stood up against wrong, and that's a victory in itself. Compassion over self-righteousness won't happen overnight. If you get enough people in the streets however, future wars can be averted. And the bottom-line is that we've officially killed the reemergence of Vietnam. Bush has 30 days of good will to win this war, at most, as it's obvious we're never going back to the drawn-out nonsense of the past. The legacy of the 60's, and the incompetence and criminality of Nixon, live on. The epic victories of Panama, Grenada and finally Iraq haven't revalidated and elevated the primacy of military action. Quite to the contrary, the final nails in the coffin have been pushed in with this truly horrible performance, and have rolled back the previous gains. They got their war, and it's going to be the last. The lies, the deception, the international outrage, aren't going to go away, because everyone expects us to pummel these guys. We've got everything to lose in this war, and nothing to gain, especially since we suspect the reality, and not the rhetoric, of what will happen when it's over.

To sum up, it's not every day that the director of the National Security Council quits, and it's not necessarily because he's a man who has seen the light. He may be a man who has seen the reconstruction of American military action, validity and power being destroyed in a comical mess of incompetence and stupidity, and has seen enough to disassociate himself. In the emerging age of information and the potential of the distributive Internet, the legacy of this run up to war will never be forgotten, and will only spread. Military might does not make right, and right is pretty mighty after all. We're winning! Stay true, keep believing, and you'll see...