Thursday, March 27, 2003

Who Needs Enemies When You've Got Allies Like This (Please Don't Tell Me It's The Oil Again!)

It is.

Courtesy of Kos (great job over there bro), very, very, very disturbing revelations about our partner-in-war Uzbekistan. Am I the only guy who's practically never even heard of this country, let alone heard its name pronounced? There had to be something to make us so friendly to such utter strangers in this most momentous time of our history...

Another one of our allies, the Turks, who merely have a disturbing and Orwellian tendency to ban entire languages, are starting to look better already...they've got nothing on these Uzis. Incidentally, guess which language the Turks banned? That of the Kurds, another one of our erstwhile allies. Luckily, the Kurds had some powerful friends backing them up...The European Union.

With friends like us, who needs freedom?