Sunday, March 23, 2003

Further Thoughts On Waking Up To The American Dream

In response to a warning that John Ashcroft is "looking to control the Internet as we speak", I can only wish our passionate and patriotic Attorney General a dubious "good luck, and good riddance to you after you fail trying"...

You can't control the Internet. Nobody can. It's out of control. Business has already tried to ruin it, and it didn't work. Yea there's plenty of ads and pop-ups, and spam mail, but Ashcroft can't manage his own information let alone the Internet. It's a wet dream for him, and when he wakes up, he'll see the morning light.

The American way is establishing itself here on the Internet, free of undue influence by the state and manipulators who only see liberty as a tool for the truly worthy elite (however this in-group ends up defining themselves). People are forming opinions based upon available information and sharing these widely. This is the American Dream in action. Why do we need big government interfering with the free flow of information on the Internet?

If Ashcroft tries to take this down, just this process of learning, and forming opinions, and sharing them, he'll be the first to know he is a fascist, and a direct descendant of the Gestapo, and anti-American (though I despise this term). Which of course he isn't. The question remains though if you can't cynically manipulate the information, and the media that expound it, do you step aside or do you try to stop it altogether? They won't stop it, Ashcroft is not evil (just a do-gooder unknowingly on the side of wrong), and the natural process of understanding will take its course...

revolution without bloodshed,
revelation without mediation.