Sunday, March 30, 2003

Colin Powell Is Warning Syria Now Too

Wouldn't we be better off with the global support we had in the War On Terror? There's a disconnect here, between what we're doing now and our mission in the War On Terror, that in retrospect doesn't seem the best course of strategy, or to make any sense. We've lost allies, and are facing growing opposition worldwide. Will we be able to collect new allies, should the war expand, or will we actually start losing them, like Britain? Why do we alone have to sacrifice so much, in lives and dollars?

The spoils and success ahead may be great, and glorious, in securing the blessings of liberty and safety for posterity, but should things go awry, blowback could be a lonely boat to steer back home.

Also, I've given some more thought to war crimes accusations against Tony Blair, from within his own country's parliament, and have expanded my view from somewhat humorous to one of concern and opposition.