Sunday, March 23, 2003

American Honor

Turkey is reportedly rolling into Northern Iraq. For the Kurds, this means disaster. This was eminently predictable, and another case of the Kurds getting sold out.

Should not the Kurds be liberated too, rather than oppressed, intimidated and slaughtered until rendered passive by the Turks? At least against Iraq we were backing them up, and they enjoyed some autonomy, but against Turkey, a strategic geopolitical ally, we're not likely to say too much.

Turkey is a threat to Kurdish freedom, and to American ideals for that matter, as their Orwellian tendency to ban entire (Kurdish) languages from the public realm would clearly demonstrate (if ever reported in our media).

Turkey is not a trustworthy friend of freedom, or America, and for their sake we should not relinquish this last chance to make good to the Kurds. We've betrayed and misled them for far too long, and as far as I'm concerned, our word and honor as a nation rests in the fate of these people.

Will we do the right thing?