Thursday, March 27, 2003

If We Lose 5,000 Guys In Taking Baghdad...

...will that make 9/11 look like small potatos? I sure hope not, and neither does at least one 9/11 Family Group. They just don't want the Iraqi people to suffer and experience immense pain, let alone add to ours. Saddam Hussein is not worth even 100 of our men and women...we and our leadership need to wake up.

We're surrendering to fear, allowing it to guide us, and directly because of the events of 9/11. a lot of people believe it. Even though this is clearly and demonstrably wrong, at least in the light of evidence, and conveniently ignores the mutual hatred between Saddam, a secularist, and Al Qaeda, the fundamentalists. We need a better strategy against fear and terrorism people, one better than giving into it and allowing it to guide us, one that is believable and workable. We need to lose the fear, and open our eyes and minds again.

When will we get to that day when we have sacrificed more American lives to get Saddam Hussein than were lost in 9/11? Hopefully never, and to me, we should not ever even come close.

(thanks to Disinfo for the tip on 9/11 families)

Besides, we still need to find out who tried to take out Congress with anthrax. Or has everyone forgotten about that?