Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Comments On The Fritz

Enetation is starting to let me down in regards to the comments section. It's been acting weird for several days now, which isn't exactly considered good business practice in the web industry (in fact, it's usually a death sentence). Still, I'm being patient, and even wondering, since they're based in the UK, if with President Bush's visit going on the British blogosphere is aflame and sizzling.

Is that it? Are British bloggers on high-alert with W. in town? Whatever the reason, it's pretty dang weird. When you try to get the comments, you normally will get an archived version of the comments from a few days ago, even though the number of comments will reflect up-to-date comments. Then, every once in awhile, the new comments actually show up. So, in case anyone is wondering, I have no control over this, and I hope that the comments are back in order shortly.