Sunday, November 16, 2003

Internationalizing The Iraq Effort

Europe should join us now that the Bush Administration has come full circle and asked for assistance. There is no time to lose. Beyond the decisive result of the military action itself, the fate of the Iraqi people hangs in the balance. Their health. They need clean water, functioning infrastructure, and immunization programs back on track.

We've taken Iraq from controlled chaos to uncontrolled chaos. The hammer of our sanctions in the past decade is undeniable. There is no more time for treating the people of Iraq as pawns on a chessboard. They deserve some respect, and real action, from those who have spoken in their name but have for the most part consigned them to doom for years.

Put plans on Iraqi democracy and self-determination in motion, but let's not forget our primary responsibility. The health and well-being of Iraqi men, women, and children who are not accomplices in this bloodletting. It's time to secure Iraq, and send a message to these so-called resisters, who are nothing but degenerate thugs, that the world will not stand by silently this time while the fate of the less fortunate is decided.

United, we can bring order and stability to Iraq, and allow them the opportunity to establish their freedom and democracy. For the international terrorists and Saddamist thugs in Iraq, the stooges we propped up in the past at the expense of the people, we should only promise one thing - to drop the hammer.