Thursday, November 06, 2003

Stream Of Commute - October 1, 2003

(these are spontaneous thoughts, flowing from head to keyboard, on the daily commute)

crony capitalism must stop

1) iraq profit center - bush's cronies
2) dirty tricks in un
3) no un debate
4) deride democratic leaders listening to own people
5) slander and defame long time allies for disagreement
6) exaggerate, distort, and mischaracterize evidence
7) cover up this exaggeration, distortion, and mischaracterization
8) stall and avoid discussion of risk and costs of war (in favor of only emphasizing "not" going to war)
9) no-bid contracts to halliburton, cheny's cronies, and little benefit seen from it (iraqi firms way cheaper)
0) question patriotism and loyalty of those who opposed the war
X) blow cover of undercover cia agent as response to man's criticism of evidence concealment and exaggeration, not only for revenge but as message and intimidation to any others who may consider revealing the truth

war against truth

deception, dirty tricks, and corruption

la times - u.s. advised to invest in its image - "changing minds, winning peace" - Edward Djerejian

why should Iraqis pay for our damage? is this why we are so eager to push the meme that it was saddam who allowed the infrastructure to lag, rather than us merely blowing the stuff up and/or failing to secure key ministries and facilities from looting when saddam fell?

schism in Republican and Democratic parties, between moderates and conservatives/liberals. this is why we need IRV. it's time for a third major party, that fuses the moderate centers of the two main parties into a centrist party, with a conservative and liberal party the other main parties.

the two-party system is breaking down. it's time for at least three, with room for others to have a voice with IRV.