Sunday, November 09, 2003

Stream Of Commute - October 26, 2003

(these are spontaneous thoughts, flowing from head to keyboard, on the daily commute)

why do american people believe that saddam and aq linked?

perhaps due to use of "evil"? that it goes without saying that evil will shack up with evil? what more needs to be said. it's us against them. good against evil. of course they are allied, and working together, because they are evil, and enemies of good, of us.


nothing wrong with mixing sharia and rights doctrines. we do it here in America, having still remnants of moral law based upon our religious traditions. we also have laws on decency and obscenity, of which rights and harms are not the prevailing imperative.

so all is well with sharia. but if it means women can be killed after being raped, by family members no less, then the free peoples of the world will not stand passive. affronts on basic human dignity, and life, will not be ignored. to do so would be to endanger ourselves.

no, a bedrock of human life and dignity, of the inalienable, must be established, and determined, and respected, by all peoples, everywhere. those who choose to violate these foundational principles will be at war with the free peoples of the world. for where any man, or woman, is not free, we are all in chains.


distributed model of information, aka the internet, a military project, is a brilliant plan. against terrorism. by distibuting power centers, information centers, centers of free peoples and liberalism, we assure the survival of America and civilization.

this military project has initiated the greatest defense of freedom ever established. perhaps not as intended, but the in the open, free market, the values of freedom, justice, and dignity will prevail. these memes will spread and have countless centers, and the ideas and virtues of what America stands for will germinate, multiply, and flourish.


challenge is literacy and education. reasoning and rhetoric. communication and engagement.


many becry the threat to, or end of, civilization. here is your response. your strategy.


what does quantum theory, evolution of science, spiralling technology, postmodernism, mean to non-western cultures? to islamic world? to the "non-moderns"? these are challenging questions.