Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Why Dean Would Win In 2004 - Version 1

Howard Dean was right, and not radical, about the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and how we justified it. The facts and reality bear that out.

Howard Dean is a fiscal conservative, who has balanced budgets when not even legally required to do so (unlike every other state governor), and can win the votes of libertarians and fiscal conservatives everywhere who are horrified at the free spending of the Bush Administration and GOP over the past few years.

Howard Dean will promote a winning health care reform platform, and will have the credibility to get people behind it.

Howard Dean will promote electoral reform and IRV on his platform, and thus cement the votes of most independent voters, along with attracting record numbers of nonvoters to get back to the polls. Just the number of new voters he will attract by this alone could possibly make the difference.

Howard Dean will have the money to assure that GOP attack ads and irrationalism are effectively and directly countered. Along with that money, he will have a virtual army of bloggers doing fact checking and spin recycling to assure that the mainstream media honestly and accurately does a fair and balanced job of reporting during the campaign.

Howard Dean will not undermine liberty in the name of liberty, and will succinctly point out how the Bush Administration and GOP hysterics is and are.

Willie Horton won't work.

Howard Dean will win the debates.