Saturday, November 15, 2003

Dissent In The Blogosphere

There is a deep-rooted problem with dissent in the blogosphere. Bloggers bunker down in ideological encampments, and tolerate very little deviation from the party line. The latest example is Sisyphus Shrugged. Apparently, I've been summarily banned over there, without provocation or explanation, with the unfair insinuation, since she's removed my post, that my intention was to "plug my blog".

It seems that Julia thinks I'm a "troll". I find that very amusing. What I don't find amusing is that people like Julia fancy themselves defenders of America and liberal democracy, but can't seem to find it in themselves to engage in discussion with those who don't see things their way. I'm unclear on the conception of America and liberal democracy this would espouse.

It's too bad they can't practice what they preach. In the case of Julia, she's banned me and even removed my post, and I wasn't even disagreeing with her, but actually commending her on her post, and asking for an apology for calling me a "troll" over at Ruminate This. Just as in the case of Billmon, if you examine our ideas and beliefs you'll see we agree on most. Why this morbid fixation on disagreement on particular issues? Sloppiness and laziness is probably the best way to describe it, as Julia probably doesn't even know that we are similarly-minded.

And she also is probably one of those who wonder why everyone isn't agreeing with them and voting Democratic. Should we say hypocrisy? Does Julia expect me to believe her, when she doesn't practice what she preaches?

Since this is a family blog, I won't say what I'd really like to say to Julia, but needless to say it would involve a four-letter word followed by "you Julia". Some would call this immature, but I would prefer to think of it as genuinely American.