Monday, November 17, 2003

Questions For President Bush's Next Press Conference

The New Yorker has published a few questions for the next presidential press conference. It's pretty funny, in that "just skirting on the edges of joking about things that we shouldn't joke about while very effectively stating a few important points" kind of way.
Friendly question: “Sir, although your supporters’ predictions that Iraqis would greet our troops with flowers haven’t been borne out, isn’t it possible that, given the problems with the water supply and the infrastructure in general, there is a serious shortage of flowers over there and that Iraqis might be greeting our troops with flowers if Iraqis had any flowers?”


Strategic-planning question: “Sir, now that you’ve acknowledged that there was never any evidence of Iraqi involvement in the September 11th attacks by Al Qaeda, does it remain your policy that in the event of any future Al Qaeda attack against this country we would still retaliate against Iraq, and, if so, how would you avoid hitting our own troops?”

Follow-up question to strategic-planning question:“If not, then did you have some other country in mind to retaliate against?”

Coalition question: “Is Bulgaria still part of the coalition, and, if so, what have they done for us lately?”

There's many more of these questions if you follow the link. Perhaps humor is the key to getting through to well-meaning but uninformed Americans. Or even to other members of our mainstream media.