Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Stream Of Commute - November 1, 2003

(these are spontaneous thoughts, flowing from head to keyboard, on the daily commute)

global movements, mindchange, and American patriotism, defense of liberty

perhaps the answer is the corporate charters? so that movements across nations would become less radical?

answer is defense and expansion of freedom here in America, with its effect on the rest of the world


what is terrorism? terror? definition being blurred as the "enemy", or the "other", becomes terrorist. without question terrorism means to use violence as a means to affect political change. is the success of the 9/11 terror attacks unprecedented in modern history?

what I see as near-cowardice amongst some American thinkers and intellectuals in their response to 9/11. for the world didn't change then, didn't have to. it's not the airplane attacks that really scared everyone, it was the anthrax.

regardless of intent by the actors, what is the psychological effect of the anthrax riding side-saddle behind 9/11?

this must be engaged, and dispelled. healing and recovery. trauma lifted.


my project now the intersection of global activism and American politics. the "global mind" and patriotism. how we can bring this back home.

lose the radical edge.

soften the edges.