Sunday, November 09, 2003

Follow Up On Freedom Before Democracy

I'd like to emphasize that walking the talk is essential when it comes to rhetoric, and I'm the last to believe that George W. Bush has done a total reversal in favor of "power to the people". I do see it as unexpected that he came right out and pronounced our errors in supporting "dictators for oil" for the past half-century. Don't you?

I'm guessing that Noam Chomsky isn't going to believe the rhetoric either, but the president of the United States just basically "fessed up" to some of the main currents of Chomsky's "radical" criticisms of American foreign policy.

Not that Bush touched rhetorically on our Israeli policy, another main component of Chomsky's criticisms (and I'm not holding my breath for that), which would mark a complete vindication. Could you imagine if he did though? I would be left breathless, Chomsky wouldn't have to write any more books, and President Bush likely would garner the endorsement of Billmon. :)

(and this will mark my last jibe at the great American blogger Billmon for banning me and disparaging freedom of speech and dissent)