Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Protests, Pessimism And Political Hate Speech

So this is what the Right Wing thinks it can divide America with in the upcoming elections. Very interesting. At first blush, I must say that this will be a historic and perhaps unprecedented defeat - for the Right. Who's going to believe this nonsense?

For decisions based on assessments and outcomes of pessimism, see the president and his men and women. This is why there is a policy of preemption. Because they expect the worst, and seem to expect it soon. The evidence is not so clear. So is realism pessimism, or optimism encased in a strategy of aggressive and preemptive violence?

I won't even talk about the biblical apocalyptic streak of pessimism that seems to prevail among some Americans, politicians, and generals, but I'll give you one's not coming in from the Left.

As for political hate speech, well, that's easy. Too easy. If this will be the election of doublespeak, of doubletalk, of just outright lies and distortions, that will play perfectly with the historical record of the Bush Administration to date. Bring it. You better hide your Ann Coulters, Rush Limbaughs, and all the rest of your snarky bunch, because sensible people won't be buying it come 2004.

The Right, and their slush money media and politics machinations, have perfected the art of political hate speech, lying, distortions, myth mongering, and so on. The evidence is all out in the open.

As for protests, I assume they mean freedom of speech. Of the right to peaceful assembly. All gains in the franchise and expansion of liberty in America have come out of the womb of protest. Of speaking out against the lyers, cheaters, and deceivers, those who would hold others down to further themselves and their own selfish interests. Protest is the strength and legacy of freedom in America we should be most proud of. And we are. America is great because of our struggles, not in spite of them.

So bring it. Bring it on. This will be the first election where all the lights will be on, and millions will be on the Internet linking and cross-linking to the available information. An Orwellian electoral strategy of divisive spin may be in the offing, but it will be soundly and resoundingly defeated.

What this world needs is a little less division, based upon spin and selfish manipulation of information, and a little more humility and appreciation of the values of working together and soundly examining the information at hand. For our security. For our freedom. For our legacy.

And, most of all, for our integrity and peace of mind.