Friday, November 14, 2003

Stream Of Commute - Mystical Moments - November 13, 2003

(these are spontaneous thoughts, flowing from head to keyboard, on the daily commute)

in the past, when rule was by an iron fist, how bad did you want to resist? to fight back? your family was on the line. they could kill a son, rape a daughter. so you stayed quiet, spread your seed, and hoped for the best. prayed to the Bible. The Koran. The Buddha.

what you wanted was freedom, justice, and self-determination.

so the apocalypse is now, the kingdom of God is here, emergent, in this age. for this is the time when we can cement freedom for and to all men and women. when we can put aside the days of dictators, tyranny, and iron rule forever.


don't assume linear. for we keep adding novelty to the system, increasing information, media outreach, and are aiming for a phase transition, where the old systems of rule and religion, which served to control and assuage humanity, will be transcended, and left behind.


saudis giving business to family. just like russian oligarchy.

(this thought on the nature of authority and nepotism)


challenge is today for freedom. to keep america going forward, and defeating iron rule, and the savagery of tyranny against humanity and family.